Meet Jill

"I believe a mindfulness practice allows us to live more centered, grounded, meaningful and present lives."


My Heartfelt Intention

My desire is to share my passion, bringing mindfulness practices and their benefits to all who welcome and seek more presence and well-being in their lives.

What I do helps bring awareness into people’s lives, not just helping people reduce stress and bring balance, but also become more compassionate more present human beings, creating connection with others.



“My life changed when I decided to try Mindful Meditation sessions with Jill. My magical journey began when I met this extraordinary teacher whose insight and gentle manner were illuminating and uplifting. She helped me understand the meaning of ‘Mindfulness' to others and myself alike. She taught me to be kind to myself. She guided me in working through emotions. Learning to meditate with Jill and practicing meditation every day has helped me clear the cobwebs out of my mind, I am able to focus and think clearly. My mind feels calm and I have energy and enthusiasm for life...There are no words to express the gratitude I feel toward Jill. It’s an honor to know her.”

–Neerja S.


Member IMTA (International Mindfulness Teachers Association)

Training in Mindfulness Facilitation, Mindful Awareness Research Center, Semel Institute of Neuroscience, UCLA

Intense Practice Program, Mindful Awareness Research Center, Semel Institute of Neuroscience, UCLA

The Power of Awareness, Mindfulness Training Program with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach

Integrative Health coach, Institute of Integrated Nutrition

MA Psychology: Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles


Jill's Story

A journey to find deep peace, clarity and fulfillment, and personal growth

My mindfulness journey began years ago when I was experiencing significant health challenges.  I was having trouble breathing walking up the stairs, I’d bend over to kiss my daughter goodnight and I gasped for breath when I stood up.  I was winded bringing in the groceries from the car. Being an avid runner at the time and in excellent shape, I was concerned.

I consulted a specialist and after a 2 hour consultation, he said, “Jill, physically your fine. Stress is your issue.  If I’ve ever met a person who could be a poster child for someone that needed to meditate, it’s you. (Little did I know this MD had a long time meditation practice of his own.) I took what he said to heart and found a local meditation workshop that week.  I practiced mindfulness meditation every day and after three weeks, I realized my symptoms had completely disappeared. Intrigued, because I have to say, I really thought there was something wrong with me, I continued to my daily mindfulness practice.

Over time, I realized that mindfulness was arriving into all areas of my life.  I was handling stress much better, I was more present in my life and the world around me, I was able to focus better on my work, I was a more present mother, and I was no longer reactive. Most remarkable to me, the nature of a very difficult relationship changed. My buttons were no longer pushed so easily and I stopped reacting to this person.

Mindfulness allowed me to make powerful and beneficial shifts in my life. The gratitude that I feel for the practice is immense. I feel it’s my calling to share this gift with others and be a guide of sorts for those that want to change their lives.  

We are all stressed out, on the go seemingly 24/7.  Our to-do lists have become the new status symbol. When did constantly busy become ok?

My mission is to bring mindfulness and well-being to all that seek change in their lives. Helping others develop a deep awareness of self and discover their most authentic selves through mindfulness is my true calling.