WORKPLACE mindfulness

Experience a more connected, productive, and engaged work environment

Bring mindfulness to your workplace to improve your team's communication, collaborative relationships and productivity. Learn functional tools to reduce stress and make sound, rational decisions that will enhance your performance at work.

 Trainings can be customized to meet organizational objectives.

  • Increase employee engagement and satisfaction

  • Reduce stress and burnout

  • Increase productivity

  • Cultivate greater resiliency

  • Create a company culture of innovation


Choose from the following services to enhance communication, promote collaboration and enhance employee wellbeing. Offered in person and virtually.

  • Presentation: The Fundamentals of Mindfulness

  • Foundations of Mindfulness Program Six Week Program

  • Weekly On-Site Meditation

  • Mindfulness for Upper Level Management

  • Company Wellness Retreat


Presentation: The Fundamentals of Mindfulness

Invite Jill to your workplace for a engaging lesson on the importance of mindfulness and its benefits to life in and out of the workplace. This session will be curated to fit your office's specific needs. Duration: 60- 120 minutes.

  • Understand: an overview of mindfulness and how it can revitalize your day to day life.

  • Learn: the effects of mindfulness on the mind and body, neuroscience research,  a brief history on meditation and mindfulness, basic mindfulness practices

  • Engage: in conversation about mindfulness, get your questions answered and be a part of a dynamic discussion

  • Meditate with Jill. Feel the benefits of this ancient practice first hand. Give yourself time to turn inwards in the middle of a hectic work day.

Six Week Foundations of Mindfulness Program

The Foundations class is an engaging and experiential exploration on the fundamentals of mindfulness practices and its benefits. Each week we’ll explore a different principle of mindfulness through discussion, guided mindfulness practices, inquiry, and reflection. Participants will establish a solid framework on which to begin building and deepening our practice.

6 session of 30-60 minutes each, delivered over 6 weeks

Class covers:

  • Immersive mindfulness practices for the workplace, home or travel

  • Science and research-backed impacts of mindfulness

  • Mindfulness and our brain

  • Techniques for navigating emotions


  • Increase resilience and flexibility when faced with challenges

  • Increase focus and sustained concentration

  • Reduce stress

  • Improve interpersonal communication

  • Improve overall sense of well-being

  • Develop a consistent meditation practice.

Ongoing Weekly Themed Meditation

Weekly Mindfulness Classes with Jill. 30- 60 minutes. Available in 4 week packages.

Experience in real time the benefits of a mindfulness practice during a stressful, busy workday. Participants will have the opportunity, in real time to experience the benefits: improved focus and concentration

  • Meditate with Jill

  • Deepen your practice using mindfulness tools, improving your focus , concentration. Experience improved focus

  • Weekly relevant theme geared towards participants

  • Continued support for their practices

  • Time out from stressful day to benefit from a mindfulness practice.

  • Explore various topics on well-being

  • Improve your productivity and reduce stress

  • Feel more alert, energized and effective in and out of the office

Mindfulness for Upper Level Management

Work One on One or in a small group to improve your leadership skills, manage stress, and deepen your work relationships. Jill offers guidance to improve your performance, overall well being, and increase capacity for excellence.

Workshop Retreat

Join Jill for a full or half day team retreat. Explore the beautiful nature of Colorado with Jill, while diving deep into mindfulness practices, guided meditation and team building activities. Work with Jill to determine your target goals for the retreat. Jill will fine tune the day’s lessons and activities accordingly.

“80% of workers feel stress on the job and nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress.”

–American Institute of Stress