What makes this experience so intriguing

Creativity is not just about art, it’s a life force. Unleashing our creativity and combining it with mindfulness meditation allows us to flourish, to remake ourselves, and helps us cope with life’s greatest challenges. This unique intertwining of meditation and creativity allows us to shift from a place of limitation to open possibility. This class is for everyone- beginners to experienced meditators.

Practice brings benefits

Mindfulness and Creativity...

Promotes clarity

Renews motivation

Strengthens critical thinking

Cranks up productivity

Promotes positive thinking

Helps see the big picture

Helps in decision-making

Promotes logical reasoning

Improved ability to handle and reduce stress

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Improved focus, concentration and mental acuity

  • Greater emotional regulation

  • Relief from negative self-talk and thoughts

  • Greater capacity for relaxation

  • Greater sense of empathy and sensitivity towards others

  • Greater ability to handle life’s conflicts and challenges

  • Overall improved resilience, vitality, and self-awareness