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Meditate Paint Post

+ I've never painted before or done anything creative. Can I still register?

Absolutely! We're using creativity as a process, not judging or focusing on the final product.

+ I've never meditated before. Can I still register?

You bet! I'll be guiding you through the meditations. This class is for all levels, from beginner to experienced.

+ Do I have to use the supplies you suggest?

Certainly not. If you have your own watercolor paints, please use them! If you have acrylic or gouache paints, those are also ok to use. My intention is to have people use relatively inexpensive materials as we are focusing on the creative process and the experience rather than the visual outcome of the painting. That being said if you prefer to use more expensive or higher grade materials, please do so.

+ Do I have to stay for the painting if I just want to meditate with you?

The intention of the group is to combine meditation with the creative process. If you sign up for class, please try to stay for the painting. I am looking to start an online meditation class, so email me if you'd be interested in that .

+ Will we be painting with you?

Yes, after we finish meditating, we'll go straight to the painting. We'll be painting at the same time, in real time.

+ Do we have to post what we paint?

No. Posting and compassionate commenting are completely optional. That being said, sharing in this way is what helps build community between us and enriches the experience.

+ On what platform will the LIVE experience be held?

I'll create a private Facebook Group and I'll stream the LIVE video from there. You will receive instructions how to join this private Facebook Group.

+ How can I practice meditation during the week?

You'll have one of my guided audio meditations available to use. There are also various meditation apps that you can use on your phone. This is something we can go over in class.

+ How do I sign up for class?

Go back to the Meditate Paint Post page and click on any of the yellow buttons to Register.