Group & individual Classes

Held in person or virtually

“One of the purposes of mindfulness is to see our emotional habits in the light of awareness- the habits that are helpful and the habits that cause stress and complication in our lives.”

–American Psychological Association


Fundamentals of Mindfulness- Introductory Class

The Fundamentals class is an engaging and experiential exploration on the fundamentals of mindfulness practices and its benefits. Each week we’ll explore a different principle of mindfulness through discussion, guided mindfulness practices, inquiry, and reflection. We’ll be establishing a solid framework on which to begin building and deepening our practice.

6 sessions of 90 minutes each, delivered over 6 weeks

Class covers the essentials of mindfulness:

  • Mindful breathing, listening, body awareness, walking and movement, and mindfulness of thoughts, emotions and mindful communication

  • Science and research-backed impacts of mindfulness

  • Mindfulness and our brain

  • Techniques for navigating emotions

  • Support or developing or deepening a consistent practice.

Benefits gained:

  • Improved ability to handle and reduce stress

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Improved focus, concentration and mental acuity

  • Greater emotional regulation

  • Relief from negative self-talk and thoughts

  • Greater capacity for relaxation

  • Greater sense of empathy and sensitivity towards others

  • Greater ability to handle life’s conflicts and challenges

  • Overall improved resilience, vitality, and self-awareness


Deepening Practice Class

We continue to nourish, develop, and sustain our meditation practice. We’ll explore obstacles that arise in our meditation practice, while diving deeper into our connection to ourselves, each other, and our practice. Time is provided for group conversation and exploration with opportunities to bring individual obstacles and concerns to the group. Through these classes participants will gain a higher degree of self-awareness, living life on a deeper level, and a deepening sense of community.

6 sessions, 75 minutes each, 6 weeks


Cultivating Deeper Connection, Compassion, and Joy Class

We focus on the qualities of the heart which are innate to our being, though they often feel so distant in our busy lives. We use mindfulness practices and guided meditations to open up to loving kindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. As we nurture and explore these heartfelt practices, and our resistance to them, we open ourselves up to our deep seated loving states of heart and mind. We learn practical exercises to bring into our daily lives.

4 classes, 90 minutes each, 4 weeks


Navigating Difficult Emotions

Our emotional life is central to what it means to be human. Learning the skills of handling difficult emotions creates emotional balance in our lives. In the class, we look at emotions from two perspectives, from the human experience as well as the science. We will explore anxiety, anger, self-judgment, and shame. Through mindfulness we learn skills to bring more clarity, freedom and peace. This course will provide the capacity to bring this balance during our intense and everyday emotional experiences.

6 weeks, 90 minutes each, 6 weeks


Mindfulness and Creativity

Mindfulness and Creativity is designed for those who want an alternative experience with mindfulness, understanding mindfulness through the tactile creative experience.  It is similar to the Fundamentals program, but with a foundation in the arts. Basic mindful practices are explored with particular focus on mindful breathing. Appropriate for all levels.

8 sessions of 90 minutes each, delivered over 8 weeks

Training Includes:

  • Essential/basic mindfulness practices

  • Creative materials: paint, clay, brushes, etc.

  • Neuroscience and research supporting mindfulness

  • Formal and informal practices

  • Weekly audio support for home, office or travel.

  • Electronic or hardcopy materials to support learning

  • Weekly or daily practice reminders


“My life changed when I decided to try Mindful Meditation sessions with Jill. My magical journey began when I met this extraordinary teacher whose insight and gentle manner were illuminating and uplifting. She taught me to be kind to myself. She guided me in working through emotions. Learning to meditate with Jill and practicing meditation every day has helped me clear the cobwebs out of my mind, I am able to focus and think clearly. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel toward Jill.”

–Neerja S.