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Finding Acceptance, Connection, Presence and Grounding through Meditation and Creativity

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 Hi, it’s Jill…and I’m so glad you’re here! 

you’re going to love this online experience!

Meditate Paint Post

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A 6-Week Meditation and Creativity Experience

Wednesdays 7:00 pm (MST)

May 29th - July 3rd

for only $79

Once a week, 50-minute sessions, LIVE online

Starting with guided meditations

Free expression through painting

Sharing and posting to build community

Recorded sessions available if you can’t make it LIVE.


A guided audio meditation to build and sustain your meditation practice.



If you’ve been…

  • feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious

  • feeling tangled in thoughts and emotions

  • wanting to discover and maintain a sense of inner calm and resilience

  • searching to find purpose and meaning

  • seeking to overcome negative self-talk and thoughts

  • wanting to develop greater focus and concentration

  • searching for a way to handle life’s conflicts and challenges with ease

  • craving to expand and open to life’s possibilities

  • longing to come home to your authentic self

Then I invite you to join Meditate Paint Post!

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Creativity is not just about art, it’s a life force. Unleashing our creativity and combining it with mindfulness meditation allows us to flourish, to remake ourselves, and helps us cope with life’s greatest challenges. This unique intertwining of meditation and creativity allows us to shift from a place of limitation to open possibility. This class is for everyone- beginners to experienced meditators.



Mindfulness and Creativity...

Alleviate Suffering

  • helping to skillfully navigate feelings of stress, being overwhelmed, and negative self-talk, and finding inner peace

Heighten Awareness

  • bringing clarity, personal grounding, deeper connection and acceptance of self and others, and improving focus and ability to stay present in the moment

Opening to New Possibilities

  • Breaking through limitations, coming into a state of creative flow, discovering your authenticity

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We’ll come together once a week in a Facebook Private Group at our appointed time. I’ll lead a livestream, 20 minute guided mindfulness meditation. From there we go directly into the painting.


We’ll paint for 20 minutes. Remember this is about engaging the creative process, not about creating a “work of art”. While I will provide some guidance with painting, it will be minimal because this is not “learning to paint”, rather it’s about bringing awareness to your state of being.

You’re simply letting paint flow on paper, representing your deep connection to yourself and discovering more about who you are. In this way, you’re giving expression to whatever is present and arising for you. This is the path to your emerging authenticity.

*By the way, I am a painter and would be happy to answer any technical questions about painting outside of class.


Building community is core to this experience, even though we’re online. You’re not alone in this. After we paint, I’ll encourage you to share feelings about your experience, what came up for you. And…if you feel so moved, upload an image of your painting.

From week to week, we’ll find new ways to apply mindfulness and creative spaciousness to our day to day living.

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Watercolor Paint, Paper, Brush, Water

Get them locally or online.

Some online suggestions are in links below.

Use what’s comfortable for you!


get them online


If you prefer to support other online stores, you can find supplies here: Blick Art Materials & Jerry’s Artarama

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Here are some of my own paintings done after meditating.


“We come together,

in a practice of mindfulness meditation and creativity,

to emerge more aware and mindful of our innate ability to flow with life’s challenges

and unearth a new way of living.”

With gratitude ~ Jill


The personal life deeply lived always expands into truths beyond itself.

Anais Nin


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