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Creating Presence, Acceptance, Connection & Grounding through meditation & creativity.


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Meditate Paint Post


Why Meditate Paint & Post?

We all come to meditation for different reasons. Some of us want to reduce stress or help deal with anxiety. Some people want to develop greater focus and concentration. Others, want relief from negative self-talk and thoughts. Some come to meditation to learn how to handle life’s conflicts and challenges in a more skillful way. The benefits of mindfulness are many. See my story here and why I’m so passionate about bringing mindfulness to others.

Meditate Paint & Post gives you all the benefits my mindfulness classes give and more. I add in the creative process.


all you need…

Watercolor Paint, Paper, Brush, Water

If you have supplies at home, use them. I’ve suggested links below to make it easier to order online. Feel like driving? Head to your local art store. Your local drugstore might also have a set of watercolors and index cards. Most watercolor sets include one brush; if you want pick up a few more.



Remember, our intention for the class is not to create a “work of art.” We want to engage in the creative process to further deepen our ability to be in the present moment. With the paint and brush, we simply allow whatever is present, whatever is within, to emerge.

I’ve purposely suggested paper that is relatively small as we won’t have extended periods of time to work on the painting process. Use what’s comfortable for you.


 Here’s some of my own paintings done after meditating