the experience


We’ll come together once a week in a Facebook Private Group at the appointed time. I’ll lead a livestream, 20 minute guided mindfulness meditation. From there we go directly into the painting.


We’ll paint for 20 minutes. Remember this is about engaging the creative process, not about creating a “work of art”. While I will provide some guidance with painting, it will be minimal because this is not “learning to paint”, rather it’s about bringing awareness to your state of being.

You’re simply letting paint flow on paper, representing your deep connection to yourself, and giving expression to whatever is present and arising for you. This is the path to your emerging authenticity.

*By the way, I am a painter and would be happy to answer any technical questions about painting outside of class.


Building community is core to this experience, even though we’re online. You’re not alone in this. After we paint, I’ll encourage you to share feelings about your experience, what came up for you. And…if you feel called upload an image of your painting.

From week to week, we’ll find new ways to apply mindfulness and creative spaciousness to our day to day living.